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Things are Looking Up! September 19, 2008

Okay, been a long time (again) but finally i’ve found something good to talk about.  As the title says, things are looking up!  My long search for a job may be at an end…for the time being.  Last week I put in an application at the florist shop across the street from my house, and the other day I went by to check with them, and they said they’d love to hire me for the holiday season, starting about mid October and running through Mother’s Day.  That makes me really happy!  Finally, I will no longer be unemployed!  And I’ll finally be able to start saving money again to go back to school.  Although it will be a while till I get the job, a friend of mine’s mom called the same day and asked me to do an all-day babysitting for her youngest daughter.  The gods are obviously looking down on me with a smile!

As to the weekly Stargate marathons: true, my friends have fallen a bit behind, but thats okay, cause we’re going to finish season three either next week or the week after!  Then on to season four!  And before you know it, we’ll be at the end of season five (sniff, sniff) and on to season six.  I promise to watch every season six episode with them, no matter what, because I’m writing a new Stargate fanfic, and I need to do research on Jonas’ character and how he acts.  So that will be my justification to myself…its all for research!  Anyway, onwards onwards!

My mom left a few days ago to spend the rest of the month with her parents for her mother’s 80th birthday, so now I’m pretty much the woman of the house.  It sucks… Nothing gets done with the pets unless I do it, but I suppose thats okay.  I’ll reserve my judgement until washday, if I’m left doing that all alone, then I will reiterate my statement that it sucks.  But we’ll just have to see.

Oh by the way, before I end this entry, I just have to say: there’s this awesome free online game called Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO for short) and I started playing it a few weeks ago.  Its great!  Its a social rpg…so you meet a lot of interesting and friendly people *wink* *wink*.  Anyway, try it out if you’ve got the time, its pretty fun!


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