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A Return to Normalcy August 27, 2008

Or as normal as possiple, I suppose.  Yesterday, I went out and mowed the lawn.  Yes, both my dad and my brother had me mow the lawn.  But that’s okay, I’m used to it, and its not too strenuous.  It did seem a bit pointless, though.  With the drought we’ve been having here, most of the grass is dead anyway, so I could hardly tell what parts I had mown already and which I had yet to do.  So later when it grows out, we might see silly streaks all over the yard, oh well!

Today, I took a trip down to the dentist for a routine cleaning.  I don’t know about other people, but I’ve always heard that lots of people are afraid of going to the doctor, dentist, etc.  I on the other hand, have never had problems with visits to any doctors.  Well, with one exception, the eye doctor.  But not for the reasons you might think.  Going back to the dentist and doctors, I’m always relaxed when I go to the dentist, and I don’t even mind getting fillings (not that I get very many).  Although, today they found a tooth that needed the filling replaced, so in a couple weeks I’ll be going in for that.  For regular doctors, I don’t really have a problem there either.  I don’t really like the blood pressure cuff, cause to me it really hurts, but as to shots, exams, and taking blood, I’m good.  Now, eye doctors.  I go every year, because my eyes suck… The exam itself is fine, picking glasses is fine, but the pre-exam is what gets me.  Its where they do the glaucoma test and the test for eye focusing.  That glaucoma test with the air that shoots into your eyes kills me every time.  My eyes blink like crazy, they water, its horrible.  Normally the person has to do the test multiple times in each eye because they don’t get the picture right.  When I was younger, I actually thought they shot water into my eye, before I realized that it was my eye watering that did that.  That is the only part about doctors that get my hands clammy.  Whew, that was a long diatribe there!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Stargate Thursday, we’re heading in to the season 3 SG-1 midseason episodes.  I warned my friend Brittany to bring the kleenex for this watching, and I can’t wait to see how she reacts to that special episode.  Just in case she reads this…I’m not gonna say which one!  Well, looks like thats it for today, hopefully I actually get back into making regular posts, that would be really nice.


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