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To All You Fathers (Of Which I’m Not) June 15, 2008

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Reichstag Building, Berlin

Sorry its been such a long time since my last post…as a particular Doctor might say “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” And that would be your clue as to one of the things I’ve been doing in the interim. Watching all four seasons up to the current episode in England, which by the way I just watched a few minutes ago. Great episode! And if you’re still in the dark, I’ll give it to you…I’ve been watching Doctor Who. Add to that a hellacious problem with my sequel story I’m writing, and you get a very preoccupied person.

But as to the picture for today, as the caption says, its the Reichstag Building in Berlin. Not much else to say there. Anyway I thought I’d make sure to mention a very Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there, and as my title says, I’m not one of them…obviously. I don’t think its medically possible for a female to be a father, at least in the biological sense, so there. We took my father out to the Old Stein Inn, a wonderful German restaurant that has a wonderful Biergarten. Which, due to how crowded it was, we did not get a chance to sit in. But that is neither here, nor there.

On a sad note, the happy news I had last post of having two Stargate days for last week fell to naught. I didn’t even manage to get one, due to scheduling problems with my two friends who have been sharing them with me. We shall try Stargate Wednesdays instead, hoping that day will work better for our schedule, but I’ll have to let you know how well that turns out. At this rate, they will be watching Stargate until the sun burns out, or explodes, whichever one dear Sol decides to do when the time comes.

And on that morbidly humorous note, I bid you all adieu. I have to get working on the fifth chapter of my sequel, eager fans await! Wish me luck!


A Horse of a Different Color June 6, 2008

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Kepler Gymnasium

Okay, I think I’ll be slowly putting in picture by picture. These pictures don’t actually have anything to do with the day’s post, most likely, just a picture I’d like to share. This one is a much nicer framed one than before. Its looking up in the center hall of Kepler Gymnasium (German version of High School, highest school of three types for that age range) in Freiburg, Germany. Those are gigantic paper-mache (I think thats how you spell it) creations hanging from the ceiling. Anyway, enough of the picture, on to the post.

The title of today’s post is in reference to the wonderful musical I went to see yesterday at a dinner theater. The Wizard of Oz! It was fabulous, characterization was spot-on, transitions were very artistic, the tornado scene in the beginning was amazingly done. Seemed a bit hurried towards the end, but all in all, a wonderful show.

Now, about Nathaneal’s birthday. He didn’t actually get to open his presents or cards until the afternoon of the next day, before we went to the musical. I was happy, my present made him smile! I got him two books I thought he’d like. Working at a bookstore, those are the easiest presents to get. He was also very happy about the dedications he got. I dedicated my final chapter of my story A Tangled Green to him, as well as Wednesday’s post here. I asked the wonderful Joseph Mallozzi to dedicate that day’s post on his own blog to him, and he kindly obliged. Not without wondering if I had spelled my brother’s name correctly though. Ah, well, it happens. Then, to even my own surprise, although I did have a sneaking suspicion that this would happen, one of the actors was making birthday/anniversary announcements at the beginning of the show, and he included Nathaneal as well. This warranted a chuckle from my brother.

Other than that, nothing much is going on, I’m going to see if I can attempt to write at least some of the first chapter to the sequel of A Tangled Green tonight, but no guarantees. I’m still a bit tuckered from mowing our lawn in hot, sticky weather with ‘air as thick as a brick wall’ as my mom said. But hey, somebody’s gotta do it. I’m just glad its done and over with…until next week. Guess I’m running to a close here. Until next time. Ta!


Rain on Your Parade (or Birthday) June 4, 2008

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Airport Terminal

This photo was merely an excuse to attempt adding an image, and because I really think its beautiful. A bit badly framed, but hey, I was moving quickly in an airport, so gimme a break. This is an image of gorgeous stained glass panel inside an airport near Reykjavik, Iceland. But on to other things.

The title of this post is not actually referring to me, its referring to my brother. For today is his birthday, and this post is dedicated to him. Happy Birthday Nathaneal! The rain is, well, rain. Lots of it. Severe thunderstorms, high winds, tornado warnings, its been a pure joy. And did I mention I’m terrified of thunderstorms? But anyway. Hopefully this didn’t ruin my brother’s special day too much.

In other happy news, I finished and posted my last chapters of the fanfiction story I had been writing. Because of the way the story turned out, I’m setting up now for a sequel, hopefully that goes smoothly. Sadly, this week will not feature a Stargate Thursday, as my parents informed me yesterday that we are going to see The Wizard of Oz at a dinner theater tomorrow night. I managed to negotiate a partial rescheduling of the Stargate event to Tuesday. I say partial because my friend Nikki cannot come, unfortunately, but Brit said she was happy to come and catch up on some episodes she had missed (read: slept through) and the actual event will still occur on time that Thursday as well. So that should be a treat.

Not much eventful things have been occurring other than that, pretty much sitting at home staying out of the rain. Tonight I should get much better sleep because I won’t be up writing another chapter, finally. I’m taking a little hiatus of sorts to finalize ideas for the sequel before I actually start putting pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard.

Since we have yet to give my brother his presents (he mysteriously slipped out of the house, presumably to go see a friend, several hours ago), nor have we eaten any of the wonderful red velvet cake we bought for him, I should probably cut this post a bit short. I am anxiously awaiting his return and the delicious cake that will accompany it. Hopefully he likes the present I got him, will have to wait till next post to let you know.


The Power (or lack) of Connectivity June 2, 2008

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Well, its been a while. And if you think a bit about my title, then you’ll know why. Internet difficulties. My dad decided to replace our modem, and lets just say it wasn’t as easy as it should have been. Difficulties ensued, date of when the problem would be fixed was pushed back, several times. And then, I came home from a semi-harrying day at work to find…the internet was back up! A whopping four or five days ahead of time. To say I was thrilled would be a definite understatement.

Just the previous day, I had my friend Nikki (mentioned in a previous post, if you’re counting) post a note on my fanfiction story to let my readers know that my internet was down and would be for quite a while. Lets just say I was happy to prove that statement false. Not wishing to make my readers wait any more than was absolutely necessary, I posted one of the two chapters I finished during my little…hiatus. I’m fixing up the second chapter now, should be posting it up later today. But man did I have a lot of e-mail, fanfiction stories, and blog posts to read up on since the last time I was on.

Sadly, my mom’s not feeling too well. So today I’ll probably be taking care of her, finishing up my chapter, watching the pets race around the house with no halters on. Today was the designated day to give them their flea and tick medication, so the halters had to go until the goop dries on their backs. If you have pets, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t…too bad. There’s even a possibility of baths for the two cats and one dog that make up our furry contingent. That should be fun. But we’ll see.

Before I forget, I must update everyone on the Stargate Thursday that came and went during my internet fiasco. Both my friends, Nikki and Brittney (Brit, if I spelled your name wrong, please don’t kill me…) were able to come this time, which made me very happy. We were able to watch five episodes in the four hours we had together, I was pleased. Lets see, we saw Brief Candle (they both thought the marriage cake scene was hilarious), Cold Lazarus (I think they may have been teary eyed, or maybe I’m just crazy), Thor’s Hammer (in which they both seemed to think it would be no problem at all for Teal’c to just walk through, despite my many failed attempts to reason them out of it), The Torment of Tantalus (which they both were very interested in, although I was sadly too busy making dinner to actually see their reactions), and Bloodlines (they enjoyed the interaction between Teal’c and his son Ry’ac, this not being one of my favorite episodes, I enjoyed Daniel’s wonderfully out of character outburst with a gun). Whew…this Thursday, Nikki is looking forward to rewatching Fire and Water (see previous post for her reaction) and I’ve sworn her to secrecy so that Brittney can enjoy it unspoiled.

I think thats about it, I need to get back to putting the finishing touches on chapter 8 of my story. Until next time, hopefully my internet stays with me for the duration. Oh and by the way, my friends said that my Velveeta shells and cheese I made for them was the best they had ever had. I don’t know if it really was, or if they were just saying that so I wouldn’t kick them out on the street. I don’t think I would…I’m a horrible cook. So their compliment brightened my evening immensely.