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To Horsebackride or not To Horsebackride, That is the Question July 25, 2008

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And the answer to that would be not…sadly, after three weeks of trying to plan a horseback riding trip for my birthday today, it fell through so many times I just threw up my hands and gave up. But I’m still going to have some friends over at my house, and we’re going to have an extra long Stargate marathon tonight. For the past few weeks our Stargate Thursdays have been going really well, and tonight we’ll be finishing season 2!

Hopefully today I will be able to finish another one of my chapters on the fanfiction story I’ve been working on, even though its my birthday, I’ve got an audience to please, and I’ve kept them waiting long enough. There should only be about two chapters left in it, so I should have some time to rest from it very soon. Hopefully they enjoy the ending.

I got a great breakfast made for me this morning, scrambled eggs, link sausage and potato wedges with orange juice! Mmmm! Hopefully we’ll be having some cheese pizza and….duh duh DUH….a homemade cheese and seafood dip for our tortilla chips! Cause I have been having problems finding another job since my bookstore job told me they had me on the backburner until their salary cutbacks were taken off, my brother isn’t going to have a present for me…Once I get this job I’m interviewing for on Tuesday, then he’ll buy me the cellphone he promised. By then I’ll be able to pay the monthly bill, since I will then have a regular check. But enough of that.

I’m really excited for today because I’m going to be introducing one of my friends from my old job to my two best friends from school, can’t wait to see how they get along! I’m sure we’ll all have a great time! But I’m going to cut this entry short, just wanted to give an update. Really sorry its been a while since my last entry, busy busy! Hope my birthday goes off without a hitch, well, without any more of a hitch than there has already been!


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