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Atlantis Gone, But Stargate Lives On August 26, 2008

Yes, I know I'm short, but he's really tall!

Yes, I know I'm short, but he's really tall!

Well, its been a while. A long while. And quite a lot has happened. I finished my sequel I wrote to A Tangled Green. It can be found on my fanfiction profile linked on the sidebar. I pretty much lost my job, and have been spending months searching for a new one, in fact. Stargate Atlantis was canceled, and I went to the Chicago Stargate Convention over the weekend. Quite a busy time, don’t you think?

Atlantis, I was crushed when I found out, a day or so before leaving on my trip. My two friends who have been watching Stargate with me regularly on Thursdays were pretty shocked as well, especially since they were both just getting into the Stargate universe, and looking forward to more. And on the subject of universe, happily (in my opinion) Stargate will not be ending completely at the end of this season, but will live on in the new series Stargate Universe, and the SG-1 and Atlantis movies. I’m satisfied, if not overjoyed. My friends are just about in the middle of season 3 of SG-1, so they have a long ways to go before they reach the end of these two series and head on to the movies and the new series.

Anyway, on a brighter note, the convention was a blast! It was my first convention, Stargate or otherwise, and I truly enjoyed it. All the guests there were amazing, and I got a photo with Michael Shanks himself! True, it was more like : “Hi!” “Hi.” *grabs me around the waist and pulls me close* *camera flashes* “Thanks!” “Thanks!” And off I went. But still, an amazing guy. If only I would have been able to be at the lunch with him and Tony Amendola, that would have been the icing on the cake! I did get David Nykl and Ben Browder sitting next to me at breakfast on Sunday, though, so who am I to complain? An amazing event, all the actors were great in their Q & A’s and really funny, and man I wish I had better pictures. My lame camera my brother gave me to use was crazy, and always looked like there was an earthquake going on in every picture. So you don’t know who I took a picture of unless you were there, and you’re me… Sigh. I got some great Stargate memorabilia, and am hoping to go to the convention in Vancouver in April (crosses fingers). But I can’t do anything till I get a job and some money, cause I am completely broke. Bone dry.

Well, looks like I’m off to bed, job hunting in the morning. Or staring at my photo of Shanks, either one…


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