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An Attempt at Poetry July 7, 2009

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It’s been a long while, and sadly the job offer I spoke of last fell through, as did all the jobs I’ve tried to get since then, but I haven’t given up yet! I still have some good things going on, which is the topic of my first attempt at freeverse poetry.  Hopefully its not a complete failure.  Well here goes…

The Gift

Shaped by Prometheus’ hand

Before the breath of life

I feel nothing.

I grow and am carved

Setting my features

To perfection.

Flaws arise

And are wiped smooth.

A process ongoing

Unending for many

But few, a gift.

The breath of life flowing

Floating along the current

Arrives and is absorbed.


A shattering of harsh clay

A soft form, full of warmth

Breaks free.

What is this transformation

That comes to so few?

It is love

And it is priceless.

There’s supposed to be spaces in there, but in the preview it always removes them, so hopefully the stanzas are obvious, wish I could figure out how to fix it though…