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Rain on Your Parade (or Birthday) June 4, 2008

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Airport Terminal

This photo was merely an excuse to attempt adding an image, and because I really think its beautiful. A bit badly framed, but hey, I was moving quickly in an airport, so gimme a break. This is an image of gorgeous stained glass panel inside an airport near Reykjavik, Iceland. But on to other things.

The title of this post is not actually referring to me, its referring to my brother. For today is his birthday, and this post is dedicated to him. Happy Birthday Nathaneal! The rain is, well, rain. Lots of it. Severe thunderstorms, high winds, tornado warnings, its been a pure joy. And did I mention I’m terrified of thunderstorms? But anyway. Hopefully this didn’t ruin my brother’s special day too much.

In other happy news, I finished and posted my last chapters of the fanfiction story I had been writing. Because of the way the story turned out, I’m setting up now for a sequel, hopefully that goes smoothly. Sadly, this week will not feature a Stargate Thursday, as my parents informed me yesterday that we are going to see The Wizard of Oz at a dinner theater tomorrow night. I managed to negotiate a partial rescheduling of the Stargate event to Tuesday. I say partial because my friend Nikki cannot come, unfortunately, but Brit said she was happy to come and catch up on some episodes she had missed (read: slept through) and the actual event will still occur on time that Thursday as well. So that should be a treat.

Not much eventful things have been occurring other than that, pretty much sitting at home staying out of the rain. Tonight I should get much better sleep because I won’t be up writing another chapter, finally. I’m taking a little hiatus of sorts to finalize ideas for the sequel before I actually start putting pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard.

Since we have yet to give my brother his presents (he mysteriously slipped out of the house, presumably to go see a friend, several hours ago), nor have we eaten any of the wonderful red velvet cake we bought for him, I should probably cut this post a bit short. I am anxiously awaiting his return and the delicious cake that will accompany it. Hopefully he likes the present I got him, will have to wait till next post to let you know.


One Response to “Rain on Your Parade (or Birthday)”

  1. Nikki Says:


    I just realized we never watched that one episode… The Nox?

    Or did we and I just totally forgot it?

    ‘Cause that’s totally possible, too.

    And I might not be able to come this Thursday, either! I might be at the beach. Woot!!!

    ❤ Nikki

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