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Here goes nothing! May 22, 2008

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Well, like the title says…here goes nothing.  First things first.  I’m not sure how often I’m going to post, hopefully every day, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

A little about me…I was born in Germany, spent hardly any time there at all, then moved to the US.  I love to travel and have visited almost every state in the continental US.  On the travel note, I’ve also been back to Germany, visited Iceland briefly, spent a day in France, and enjoyed some time in England.  I’m extremely interested in ancient history and religions, have a few aspirations to become an archaeologist (comes from watching Indiana Jones and Stargate SG-1 too much when I was younger.  Nobody told me that’s not how actual archaeologists spend their time).  Since gradeschool, I’ve enjoyed writing.  If you asked my teachers and friends, supposedly I was pretty good.  My writing tends toward fantasy, science fiction and the like, not much for the romance or realistic fiction.  I mean really, why should I read about something that could happen to me (or has happened to me) when I can enjoy an adventure into someplace completely apart from my own.

Unfortunately, you’re not likely to find any of my works published.  Most of them are languishing in my computer or on worn pieces of paper in the amazing condition of…unfinished.  I have managed to write a few short stories of fanfiction, which I normally try to stay away from, but when the muse calls (as they say) who am I to deny her?

I am a rabid fan of movies and tv (who isn’t), especially science fiction and fantasy, as before.  For movies and tv, though, I would add the subjects of historical and adventure to my list of favourite subjects.  I’m not sure where else I’m going with this, but if anyone has good movies or books, or even television shows, they would like to recommend to me, I’d be happy for the consideration.

I think I’ll call it quits for this entry, and look forward to seeing if anyone enjoys reading about my (self-professed) boring life.


One Response to “Here goes nothing!”

  1. maggiemayday Says:

    Pleased to meetcha!

    I too was vastly interested in archaeology, but mostly from traveling, Indy didn’t happen along until I was 22. I did end up with a degree which has an anthropology component, so I guess I got close. And yes, I write fanfic now and then, I have a Daniel Jackson story running in installments over on the Skiffy board right now.

    Do keep up with th blog, it is a good way to engage the brain when it falls asleep.

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